The framing is made of inch and a half light weight aluminum tubing. While its padded mounts rest on the edge of the roof and wall, its sliding joints and quick click pins on the cross tubes and mounting legs allow the structure to be easily adjusted to fit RV’s between 7.5’ and 8.5’ wide and will accommodate air conditions, vents, awnings and varying roof profiles.

The roof and walls of the cover are a smooth thick breathable vinyl with reinforced corners. The front section of the cover is easily pulled onto the structure and is enclosed at the rear section by way of a full zipper. The rear zipper also allows the easy addition of extension kits should you ever decide to buy a larger RV. The rear zipper allows access to rear entry RV’s, while a second front zipper allows access to front entry RVs.

Straps that go around the RV are sewn into the cover every 4’ to provide a second means of securing the structure to the roof. These straps also help keep the top vinyl from sagging under extreme heavy snow conditions. Front and rear straps are added to help provide a tighter fit on narrower RV’s.

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